Three singers are ready to sing Mozart's Die Zauberflöte, a real classical opera. The ouverture starts, the opera begins.

All of a sudden, one of the players hoists a Dutch flag. This was not part of the opera. The other two players try to ignore it, but it's not working. Between the classical melodies and lyrics, there are modern opinions and points of view. "A flag can't hurt, right? We're Dutch theatre-makers after all."

Slowly, the unedited discussion takes over the show. Proud Dutchman or chauvinist? European or dreamer? With great musicality and humor, Collective Ludvik searches for the answers.

This production was commissioned by the Winterkaravaan, where it was named
crowd-favorite and has been performed at multiple festivals.
The Theaterkrant called the show "comical, quirky and a real suprise, because of the Milou Peter's powerful vocals."

'Vlag' can be booked as a school-production. For information, check Impresariaat Uit de Kunst. 


Concept: Collectief Ludvik
Performance: Milou Peters, Stan Geurts & Anne Wielink
Director: Jasper van Hofwegen
Coach: Lisenka Heijboer
Photography: Moon Saris
Produced in coproduction with the Winterkaravaan.