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We see a woman in an almost empty room. There's only a chair, a painting and an ornamental yellow wallpaper on the wall. The painting falls on the floor. The woman picks it up and convinces herself that this has never happened before.

In Sonder , we see a woman who loses herself in the world and who loses the world in herself. She hides in a room, to protect herself. But it is precisely in that room that she will discover her darkest sides.


Sonder is a new Dutch thriller-opera by Collectief Ludvik, with a libretto by Jibbe Willems. In Sonder , Ludvik explores how to handle your own dark sides.

With extensive patterns we try to create something to hold on to and to hide strange thoughts. We try to conceal everything we don't want to think, find or do. But is that good? Are you not much more 'yourself' as a person if you allow everything, the good and the bad, and let go of control every now and then?

Sonder isn't about madness or craziness, but about the different voices we all have inside. Just like the fear, desperation and anxiety we all have sometimes. 


Collectief Ludvik is a musictheatre-collective that makes shows on the border of musictheatre and opera. It uses music as the engine of the story. With recognizable and personal themes, Ludvik makes operas for the 21st century. 

Sonder - posterbeeld


27 mei – Werkplaats Diepenheim (try-out)
28 mei – O. (Voorpremiere)
29 mei – Hoogte80 (Premiere)
3 en 4 juni – Karavaan

18 augustus – Grachtenfestival


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Concept: Collectief Ludvik

Libretto: Jibbe Willems

Composition Stan Geurts

Regie: Stijn Dijkema

Spel/zang: Anne Wielink, Milou Peters, Maartje Goes

Piano: Ella Kamerich

Viool: Maartje Goes

Decor & Kostuums: Timo Arling

Poster: Milou Peters

Thanks to: Gemeente Arnhem, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Lira Fonds, Vrienden van theater, Janivo Stichting, Accoris en Jasper van Hofwegen